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Who is EZcaviar.com?
Tired of all the hassles involved with caviar, mushrooms, truffles, foie gras, smoked salmon and high-end tea shopping?  Tired of running around town only to find out your local shop is out of stock?  Tired of waiting endlessly for your order? Tired of receiving foods that aren’t fresh? 
EZcaviar.com is your answer! Founded in 2001, EZcaviar.com opened its online doors with a mission to make caviar, vigegars, truffles, foir gras, tea, mushrooms and other sea foods shopping easy. To accomplish this mission, we aim to be your desktop food specialist - providing you with wide selection, service, speed and freshness. EZcaviar.com caters to thousands of caviar lovers each year, making it the largest online community of caviar and other seafood lovers in the world.

Why shop at EZcaviar.com?
Simple: Service, Selection, Speed and Freshness. EZcaviar.com provides impeccable customer service - a simple, hassle-free shopping experience supported by caviar experts whom are ready to serve you. EZcaviar.com carries a wide and deep selection of caviar, teas, mushroom and other seafoods - we religiously track down the new, the hard-to-find and the out-of-the-ordinary and stock these products in our inventory. EZcaviar.com bends over backwards to ship orders quickly - to keep you from waiting. Our #1 goal: to provide you with the freshest caviar, tea, mushroom and other sea foods – every time you order!

What if EZcaviar.com is more expensive?
Call us! We will do all we can to offer competitive pricing. We are almost certain you can find a shop 
that could win your business on price, as some shops buy in large quantities and store their products for years. Unlike these shops, our goal is to provide you with the freshest caviar—every time you order and our pricing allows us to offer you the best in service, selection, speed and freshness. One way to get lower prices on our caviar is to join our caviar club, where we offer members 10% off all purchases.

How do I contact EZcaviar.com?
EZcaviar.com customer service representatives work from 9 AM to 5:00 PM (east time zone) Monday through Friday and are available by e-mail, phone, fax, and mail during these hours.  We typically respond to messages within the same business day.

E-mail: sales@ezcaviar.com
Phone: 770.844.8934
US Post Mail: 4610 Wykeshire CT Cumming, GA 30041

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