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Caviar Recipe
Potato Crepes with Creme Freiche and Caviar


1 1/2 cups pureed cooked potatoes
1/4 cup flour
2 eggs
3 egg whites
1/4 cup heavy cream, or as needed
Salt to taste
Ground white pepper to taste
Grated nutmeg, a pinch
Vegetable oil, as needed
1/2 cup creme freiche
1-ounce jar caviar, any kind
Dill sprigs, as needed
10 slices smoked salmon (optional)


Combine potatoes and flour with a mixer. Add eggs one at a time, then egg whites. Adjust consistency with cream to that of a pancake batter. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Coat a nonstick griddle or saute pan lightly with oil. Pour batter (as for pancakes) into silver dollar-sized portions. Cook until golden-brown; turn and finish on the other side, about 2 minutes total cooking time. Serve crepes warm with a small dollop of creme freiche and caviar, a small dill sprig and a smoked salmon slice, if desired.
Chef's note: For dill crepes, chop 2 tablespoons of dill and add to heavy cream, which has been lightly heated. Cool before preparing crepe batter. Makes 30 crepes.

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