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Green Tea Recipes
Green tea is non-fermented tea. Green tea has always been one of the most famous teas in ancient china, Japan and Korea. It has been scientifically proofed that green tea may prevent cancer. Green tea provides natural tea flavor and beautiful color of soup base. The disadvantage of using green tea is that green tea cannot be cooked in high temperature and cannot be over-cooked. We will update this section from time to time.
1 green tea potato salad
What you need :
2 full size potatoes, 2 egg, mayonnaise, one tea spoon of green tea powder, a few cherry or strawberry (for decorating).
How to fix a green tea potato salad?
1 peel potatoes, boil potatoes till done.
2 boil two eggs to well done.
3 make potato and egg mash while they are still hot. Put mash into container and put in refrigerator until it is cool.
4 put mashed potato and egg into a bowl to make round shape pastes.
5 sprinkle green tea powder on potato paste (uniformly cover the surface of potato paste). Put mayonnaise on potato and egg mixed paste with cake decorating bag and tip to decorate the potato and egg mixed paste.
6 put cherry of strawberry on top before serving.

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